Super Bowl spot for ElevateMN

In the coolest turn of events I ended up directing this spot that aired during the Super Bowl in Minnesota! Pretty surreal. We shot for 3 long days with probably the raddest crew you could ask for. One thing I'm really excited about is just how closely the animatic I used to pitch lines up with the final spot. So here's the animatic (in all of its crappy drawing/crappy stock footage/crappy VO glory), followed by the spot, then a pile of BTS photos of the production.

Directing for the Minnesota Wild.

I had the chance to direct a spot for the Minnesota Wild as part of the "Our Ice" campaign. The concept being anyone can bring water from their local ponds or lakes to the Xcel and it becomes part of the ice the Wild plays on. Pretty rad. So after a month of pretty much non-stop work it's out! I'm really excited about how it came together and I got to work with a lot of incredibly talented people. Here's the spot and a few BTS photos.

Drum Controlled Billboard

I worked on this giant drum-controlled billboard in Toronto and cut the BTS vid that came out of it, unfortunately I didn't get to go play the drum. Next time.

Prinze George - "Freeze" Music Video

A video I cut this summer for Prinze George's Freeze came out yesterday. Had a lot of fun playing with the fades and color shifting on this one. Occasionally my computer wasn't too happy about piling so many effects on every clip but I think the video turned out great. Big thanks to Dan Cummings, Nate Vernon and Chris Hadland for having me on this one.

Well thats a new one. #adobepremiere

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Brett's Bachelor Party Video

I shot some time lapses and a few other things while we were at Brett's bachelor party. Some of it turned out great. If anyone wants to steal Brett's 18mm nikon lens for me so I can use it all the time please do so (not a request of Russia).



Art of the Cut - Voice from the Stone - Editor Interview

Pro Video Coalition just posted an interview with Clayton Condit about the editing process of Voice from the Stone, an upcoming feature film. I was the first assistant editor on the film and it's what I spent most of 2015 working on. The interview is quite thorough if you're curious as to what I was doing last year. Link to the interview below.

Navigators Table Social Videos

The Navigator's Table is an unscripted series of short 4-5 minute episodes featuring Andrew Zimmern promoting Renaissance Hotels. He has dinner with a few guests and chats about the culture of each city featured.

I was asked to do social content which included instagram videos and teasers. The instagram videos started as lifts straight from the episode and then I recut those moments to be self contained little stories. There were also a few teasers, a few of which had elements that were cut down from longer pieces as well. All short videos, 15s or 30s, but 14 deliverables total. Food content is always fun and interesting, so these were a good time to work on. Here is a link to the first ep of the main show (which I did not work on) and below are a couple examples of what i did work on.

Stuff I Like

Big fan of this video, such a cool idea and awesome choreography. The character design for the hero/bad guy is spot on classic bond villain. This is the kinda stuff I've always wanted to make and hopefully will. Below is also some commentary from director Ninian Doff which is pretty rad. 

Reina del Cid - Death Cap

Here's a music video I edited for Reina del Cid. It premiered Wednesday on Paste Magazine.

Jason Ho directed the video and shot it himself in Iceland with an A7S. I had a blast with the creative edit, the song had tons of cool opportunities for me play around rhythmically and the range of super wide landscapes to extreme close-ups made it a lot of fun, however... with B-Roll being shot over the course of 2 weeks and performances for the last half there were a few unexpected complications we ran into.

The first complication is that the A7S, unlike a Canon DSLR and many other cameras, starts its file numbering over with every reel. So after a card dump and format, you are starting over with C0001.mp4 and it starts counting up, which means we had at least a few of every file name up to about C0050. Of course when I got the footage, like a kid at Christmas with a new lego set, I just started going to town cutting and caused all sorts of problems for myself when we tried to conform in Resolve for color. So lesson learned, add a unique reel identifier to every reel after you shoot with that cam, i.e. R1_C0001.mp4. NLEs don't care about that folder structure etc. anymore it seems, I haven't had any problems yet just ripping it apart and batch renaming all the files.

The other big issue was a color problem with all the speed changes and post stabilizing I did during the edit. I baked a lot of it in as Premiere and Resolve still aren't real close buds when it comes to passing that stuff back and forth. Jason also conformed and transcoded anything he shot Slomo so it'd be easier for me, not knowing we were going to have a color issue. He shot the footage in a Cine4 color space, and I don't know if it's the Cine4 or in combination with the mp4/AVC encoding but it contained luminance values above 100 similar to what a RAW file would contain, so anything we transcoded or baked lopped off all that detail in the skies and clouds in most of the shots. So we had to re-conform our resolve timeline from all camera source and push a lot of my effects and speed changes to post-grade. I had also baked Prores files of a lot of footage for Jesse to do some VFX and clean up work on some shots, which all had to get pushed through him again after we realized the issue.

In the end even though we did everything in post at least twice because I'm an idiot Michael's grades came out beautifully and the video overall turned out great.

GoPros and iPhones

Last spring when I was in the studio with Battlerat we threw up some GoPros and shot some iPhone video. We had enough footage for "Sheds" to cut a video. If you like in studio videos or are from Minneapolis and want to see how things go down at The Old Blackberry Way it should prove entertaining.

Battlerat EP Promo

A local band I play in called Battlerat has an EP coming out this month so I thought it would be fun to make a promo for the release. My friend Nick Hillyard and his girlfriend Amber were a major help providing gear, gaffing, and coloring the piece.

I had an idea a while ago to lower a cowboy hat onto my friend Tim's head in slow motion, so I won't pretend the rest of the video wasn't an excuse to do that shot. For those who might wonder we shot on Sony a7s II at 120fps and I did most of the edit in After Effects.

Bowl-O-Rama Victory

Splice had a team in AdFed's Bowl-O-Rama event last week and my co-worker Vicki won a golden plunger for having the lowest score of the event (The highest gets a golden pin). Seemed like an opportunity for some over-the-top photos.